Blah Blah Blogging!

How do you write a response post to an instructional blog post? I sat here for 10 minutes trying to figure out what angle I should take. I’ve written short essays, research papers, copy for print and web and even newspaper articles. But I’ve never blogged. I always thought it would be fun because my Facebook topics often draw numerous well thought-out comments.

I did what any decent writer would do—I began to free write. My purpose wasn’t to proof-read, edit, worry about the final product or look up words. My job was to get thoughts flowing and words on the screen. It’s working- because as you read this, it’s already been proof-read and edited a couple of times.

Today’s lesson was pretty straight-forward. It explained categories and tags. The examples the writer chose were specific and understandable. If I understand the concept correctly, the author is saying that categories are the drawer of a filing cabinet and the tags are similar to folders.  Therefore, I may create categories such as music, sports and family, and I may create tags about the Buffalo Sabres, my solo gigs, or my children’s sports. If I’m correct in my thinking, this seems to be a realistic and efficient way to set up a blog.

This simple exercise was nothing more than quick mental stimulation. I think that blogging may be good for me when I’m done with school and I’m out of the academic world. Although this style of writing seems highly informal and conversational, it’s a great way to toss out ramblings, instructional activities or opinions all while keeping your writing skills up.


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