Blogging’s Beneath Us?

Blogs. I don’t follow any bloggers, I very seldom read any blogs unless they’re political, and even then I can’t name of any professional bloggers. I’ll occasionally read something from Paul Hamilton or one of WGR 550’s bloggers, but that’s about it. I find the concept intriguing but I think it’s just because I enjoy writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’m certain that once I’ve completed my education, I’ll engage in the blogging experience. I may even do so to supplement my income.

bloggingThe web publishing class had the privilege of having Tyler Johnson, a professional blogger, as a guest speaker last week. I was pretty excited to hear someone speak about blogging that makes a living out of it. Johnson’s insight to the blogging industry seemed a little deficient, but he shared insight as to how the website he works for operates. Johnson works for Pop on the Pop—it’s basically an internet rag committed to celebrity gossip. I’m assuming that Johnson’s less than motivating presentation was due to the fact he earned a degree in English and he’s writing celebrity gossip. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy his lecture- it was a a valuable 45 minutes, and most of the class, myself included, probably could have spent another hour discussing his trade. It’s just that he seemed to dismiss his occupation simply by his body language and tone.

I can’t fault Johnson or anyone else that makes a living out of doing something they enjoy though. Getting paid for something you’re good at and enjoy, is one of the few rewards that we can reap as an adult. I support myself as a professional musician; I’ve averaged nearly 175 gigs a year for quite some time. Many nights I perform for a respectable crowd that is engaging and shares a common love of music with me. Most nights I’m playing to drunks that just want to hear the same five songs that drunken people always want to hear. Sometimes the value of our talent can’t be measured by our audience but instead by the realization that we have the talent to be hired in the first place.

I have a feeling that Johnson is not thrilled with his current position as a blogger. I’m certain that if he has the drive and motivation to succeed in the industry he’ll land on his feet in a more prestigious role.


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