Nobody Cares What You Think

I’ve been tasked to critique a couple of articles that pertain to user comments and blogs. I normally prefer the assignments that allow us to write about articles that are a little less vague; but I understand the process behind the assignments. This week’s articles proved to be a very simple topic for me. As I’ve said in the past, I’m not a blogger. However, I engage in heavy amounts of social media use and often post controversial or interesting topics that sometimes generate 50-75 responses.

Obviously the more interest that a published blog generates, the more comments will be left for the author or other users.  It’s a cycle that not only establishes credibility for the blogger, but each party is dependent on the other for a successful blog.  In the article, “31 Proven Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog,” author Seth Simonds places his number one tip as “Take a Stand”. I’d agree with this being one of the easiest ways to generate comments. Most topics have supporters and detractors. If the writer takes a stand on something that a reader feverishly opposes, the chances of getting a comment are increased. What I’ve noticed through my social media experience is that people will respond hurriedly and often say things without giving it much thought. They bang out a response out of anger often tend to write responses that are over the top. Therefore, I believe that a bit of harmless trolling in a post or blog is a great way to generate comments.

The other tip that Simonds suggests is to curse often. Simonds states that, “You can often make up for bad writing by cursing a lot and using odd flips in logic to keep readers guessing and entertained. Readers who find you disgusting will comment as will all the readers who find you terribly amusing.” I agree with the premise wholeheartedly but I have a difficult time adopting the practice. I don’t have an issue with dropping fuck or any other curse word in print, but I believe that it doesn’t have a place in a public environment that is supposed to generate intelligent discussion.

It’s apparent that a successful blog relies on an abundance of followers. The blogger needs to find methods to engage those supporters and get them to participate in the writing process with you.  Encouraging comments and responses is a great way to start.


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