Facebook’s Watching…

Statistical analysis is an amazing thing.  The amount of information that can be gathered from a specific group can be extremely valuable to businesses, researchers and anyone looking to target specific demographics. The information that can be gathered and analyzed through social media, specifically Facebook, is staggering.
130-stats-about-the-7-social-media-trends-dominating-2015-15-638I don’t believe that the information found in Stephen Wolfram’s blog article, “Data Science of the Facebook World” should alarm people. Instead those that read the article should find intrigue in the complete segmentation of Facebook and the information that can be used in a number of positive ways. It’s amazing that each age group is so diverse and an almost predictable demographic.  Each group has a specific number of friends, likes, interests and frequently visited pages. The user experience for each demographic almost makes Facebook a unique experience for each age group. I found it interesting that the older population’s selection of friends were more varied in age than any other demographic. It’s obvious though because the over 70 age demographic more than likely have older children, grand-kids and nieces and nephews as friends. The statistical analysis used by companies like Facebook and Google will change the course of marketing like no other time in the history of marketing. Our sidebars and headers are filled with advertisements that are specific to our likes and desires. It’s incredible technology. It may be a little intrusive and sometimes creepy, but it’s the age in which we live in.


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